Yishay Trif


MoneyNetint is part of a revolution in the way businesses transfer money around the world, and our mission is to offer better service than the traditional financial industry in every possible way. This mission naturally includes pioneering measures around compliance and the safety of our customers. 

We constantly review our processes, governance arrangements, and fraud and anti-money laundering procedures to ensure they are the best in class. As part of this commitment to compliance and industry best practices, we also work with financial regulators and top tier consultants in every market in which we operate to implement measures to keep our customers safe from fraud and other financial crime. The goal is to actively drive forward industry best practices and to ensure we remain industry leaders in developing best practices and codes of conduct that create enhanced trust, lower risks and a better experience for all customers.

Meanwhile, we are and always will be committed to complete transparency about how we are improving our business and helping everyone smash the glass ceiling of international payments.